A downloadable game for Windows

Action 52 Remastered Edition (currect: build 27)

Used engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5

There was a game in 1991 titled Action 52 by Active Enterprises. It consist of 52 games as the title say. This cartridge was a complete mess and bankrupt. So I decided to create this game in modern Windows edition with better controls.

This projects is in alpha edition.

The following games are working: Fire Breathers, Star Evil, G-Force Fighters and Jupiter Scope.

I will often update this game!

Language: mixed Hungarian and English

Known errors:
* In the intro screen if you cancel the name box, the game will crash
* there's no game over yet (even your life is equals zero)
* you can enter any of the games listen in menu but nothing will be happening in loading screen
* the menu not working correctly yet

Published Mar 23, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags8-Bit, Remake

Install instructions

The setup includes a TrueType font to show game's text correctly.


setup_ac52_b27.exe 24 MB